“Wizard” Hacker, 20, Who Broke Into Bulgaria’s Entire Population Released

"Wizard" Hacker, 20, Who Broke Into Bulgaria's Entire Population Released

Call it mother of cybercrimes but a hacker has more or less broken into the entire population of Bulgaria — hacking personal data of more than five million of the total seven million residents.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov though could not help saying Kristian Boykov is a “wizard” hacker and the country should hire similar people to work for the state.

Released after charges were downgraded, the 20-year-old Bulgarian cybersecurity worker hacked details like social security information, addresses, incomes and tax returns chiefly from the National Revenue Agency (NRA) records, npr.org reported on Sunday.

Boykov was arrested in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia last week.

“Police raided his home and seized computers and mobile devices with encrypted information,” said the report.

Some believe Boykov is a “white hat” hacker who breaks into networks to expose vulnerabilities.


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