The CIA is under attack in Mike Maden’s ‘Tom Clancy Enemy Contact’

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most important priorities for the United States and other governments around the world, so it’s not a stretch to wonder what would happen if cyber thieves managed to hack the unhackable: the CIA. That’s the terrifying premise of “Tom Clancy Enemy Contact,” the third novel in the Jack Ryan Jr. suspense series from Knoxville writer Mike Maden.

In “Enemy Contact,” the CIA’s deepest secrets are for sale to America’s enemies by a mysterious entity on the dark web known only as CHIBI. The clandestine organization eliminates any skepticism about what it can deliver with a series of “proof of concept” demonstrations — including the assassinations of an Argentinian special operations team and Turkish Maroon Berets, an assault on a Chinese compound and the death of a deep-cover German BKA agent — to show would-be buyers just how valuable its information can be to their future operations.


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