Guide to Spoofing Attacks: How to Prevent Them

Guide to Spoofing Attacks: How to Prevent Them

Judging its light-hearted name, ‘spoofing’ may seem harmless at first glance. However, it’s one of the most serious types of cyber attacks, responsible for millions of dollars in losses each year. Since spoofing attacks can be hard to detect, they can allow attackers to hide in networks for months, giving them plenty of time to steal important data, inject systems with malware, and much more.

A serious spoofing attack can cripple any enterprise—especially small businesses who have less of a financial buffer to fall back on. As a result, it’s crucial that all organisations wise up to spoofing attacks, putting greater emphasis on understanding and preventing them.

Here’s a guide on the basics of spoofing attacks and what you can do to stop them from ruining your business.

What is a Spoofing Attack?


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