Siemens teams up with Alphabet’s Chronicle to protect energy infrastructure

Siemens teams up with Alphabet’s Chronicle to protect energy infrastructure

Siemens AG is teaming up with Alphabet Inc.’s Chronicle LLC subsidiary to secure systems in the energy infrastructure industry.

The plan is for Siemens to use Chronicle’s Backstory network security platform to provide more visibility into energy company’s information technology systems, the companies said. Siemens will combine Backstory with its own cybersecurity tools, it said.

Chronicle’s Backstory platform, which was only launched in March, is a cloud service running on Google LLC’s infrastructure that allows companies to upload, store and analyze security telemetry to detect and investigate potential threats, all from a unified dashboard. Security telemetry, in this case, includes high-volume data such as domain name system traffic, netflow, endpoint logs, proxy logs and other measurable data.

At the time of Backstory’s launch, Chronicle’s chief executive officer Stephen Billet described the platform as “Google Photos for business network security”, adding that it’s the “first global security telemetry platform designed for a world that thinks in petabytes”.

Petabyte scale is of course exactly what the energy industry needs if it’s to ward off threats to its increasingly connected infrastructure. With the industrial “Internet of Things” taking off, more utilities are being connected to the web, generating massive amounts of data that could be off interest to both state-sponsored hackers and cybercriminals. Energy infrastructure would be a tempting target for any country interesting in causing damage to one of its rivals, and of course energy firms are equally wary of criminal threats such as ransomware.


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