The Value of Predictive Email Security

The Value of Predictive Email Security

Predictive technology is the use of machine learning to calculate with confidence a future event, thereby empowering organizations to proactively prepare for trending email phishing attacks.

In fact, threat prediction can help businesses use data to prepare for what the next attack will look like and augment it to make it actionable, so to proactively prevent similar or trending attacks from infiltrating or repeat attacks from occurring.

The use of predictive technology may be new to email security, yet it is not new to the broader cybersecurity industry. In fact, leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms have utilized machine learning and AI to predict malware for the past several years.

For email specifically, predictive technology must be based on real-time decisions done by real human experts on a minutely basis. For busy security and SOC teams, the capacity to predict future events with a high-level of certainty is a potential resource savior, as many in security roles are overworked and overwhelmed with a growing number of investigations into suspicious emails.


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