Will the next cyberattack be in the hospital?

Will the next cyberattack be in the hospital?

What’s your stereotype of a hacker: a malicious millennial intent on hijacking your computer, deleting your files and demanding a ransom? A corporate criminal stealing sensitive data from Sony or Yahoo? Or a rogue programmer attacking connected cars and electrical, water and telecommunications grids?

You may not think of hackers targeting hospitals, but this is where our wired world may be most vulnerable, and the results could be deadly.

Most medical devices such as drug-infusion monitors, kidney-dialysis units and ventilators were built when Internet connectivity was still new and IT professionals never imagined a hacker could change the drip rate in an IV or stop an ICU patient’s breathing machine.

That chilling prospect was at least one of the reasons why Israeli startup Cynerio was able to raise $7 million for its technology designed to protect medical devices from cyberattacks.


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