Putin signed the law on the isolation of the Russian Internet (Runet)

Putin signed the law on the isolation of the Russian Internet (Runet)

On May 1, Putin signed a law on the isolation of the Runet. Thus, Russia will have its own Internet. And it will happen this year. Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media) and other agencies are currently preparing relevant regulatory documents and technical means that will make the Internet in Russia autonomous and controllable.

Since 2014, relations between Russia and Western countries began to deteriorate rapidly. It became obvious that in the event of further escalation of the conflict, the Western partners of the Russian Federation can extend the policy of sanctions on any sphere of public life, including IT.

The threat of disconnecting Russia from the global Internet became real in 2018 when the US developed and approved a cybersecurity strategy. According to it, Russia and Russian hackers declared one of the main threats to US cybersecurity. The text of the strategy states that the United States intends to punish those who represent a threat to US cybersecurity.


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