Most firms still unprepared for cybersecurity attack, says report

Most firms still unprepared for cybersecurity attack, says report

The results of a global study sponsored by tech behemoth IBM have revealed that a great majority of organizations remain unprepared in cybersecurity incident response.

The report, titled “The 2019 Cyber Resilient Organization”, explored the preparedness of organizations pertaining to their ability to withstand and recover from a cyberattack.

Based on the data by Ponemon Institute’s fourth annual benchmark study on cyber resilience, 77% of the respondents revealed that they have an inconsistent cybersecurity incident response plan.

According to Ted Julian, VP of product management and co-founder for IBM Resilient, millions of dollars can be saved during a breach if proper planning is executed alongside investments in automation. He also pointed out that stress tests are a must for these plans, as well as the board’s full support in people, process, and technology investments.

The study showed that proper cybersecurity incident response dilemmas have been persistent over the past four years of the study. 54% of organizations that are not prepared with response plans also fail to test their plans regularly.


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