Cyber-Con Center –

Cybersecurity Virtual Conference Center

A center dedicated to cybersecurity virtual and hybrid events and expos.
Introducing Cyber-Con

Hybrid your upcoming event. Remote Attendance offers to extend your reach and a cost-effective way to laser target to IT and MSSP professionals.

Virtual Sponsors for your Expo. Ad value to your current sponsors, offering them expo booth, attract virtual sponsors, from previous cybersecurity events held at Cyber-Con

A simple but effective method to promote your conference, summit or job fair.

Our first cybersecurity awareness summit launches in July, and has a great line of ethical hackers, both famous and infamous

Visit Cyber-Con to plan, hybrid or sponsor multiple cybersecurity virtual events, at a fraction of the cost.

Its time to go virtual

Cyber-Con Center

Cyber-Con Center -Cyber-Con Center -Cyber-Con Center -
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