DEF CON China 1.0 Villages!

The Villages for DEF CON China are officially locked in! Attendees will have a bunch of fun options to choose from – we’d suggest setting some time aside to sample as many as you can – all DEF CON Villages are full of interesting talks, hands-on learning and friendly experts who are passionate and informed about their subject.

Guests of DEF CON China can enjoy:

Lockpick Village
Car Hacking Village
Recon Village
Hardware Hacking Village
Packet Hacking Village
Bits & Blocks
VXCon Village
AI Village
BugZee Soldering Village
Black Window
Blockchain Village

Register for DC China now to make sure you don’t miss out!

DEF CON 27 Voting Village Call for Papers!

DEF CON Voting Village has an open Call for Papers! We’re looking for people with something important to say about the issue of Election Security – if that’s you let’s talk. You have until July 12 to get your submissions in.

Come help us secure the vote!


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